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How to do leg rises properly-leg rises benefits

Everyone knows that for a healthy life, diet and workouts go hand in hand. We follow exercises and a healthy diet plan in our daily routine. However, to maintain a lifestyle, we cannot find hours to do works in the gym. At this time, one effective exercise for fitness and its time-saving workout. This exercise is How to do leg rises properly that fulfill all your back, legs, and abdominal muscles is a powerful bodybuilding exercise that targets the muscle tissue. leg raises exercise is easily performed without equipment at any place.

If you are fed up with doing many home workouts, try this exercise to build your core strength and flexibility. It is a wonderful core exercise that is helpful for the upper and lower parts of your body. When anyone spends much time sitting at the desk and feels pain and itches in backbone muscles, this is a very beneficial exercise for improving the strength and muscles of your backbone. How to do leg rises properly is a simple but challenging exercise for increasing muscles strength.

How abdominal exercise helps?

Everyone has the desire to be taller because of the part of its physical beauty. Abs muscles are one beneficial method to increase height. Lower abdominal muscles have a direct connection with muscles strength of our back body muscle. If our back body muscles are in good condition, then we can have appropriate postures. If we have abdominal muscles weak, then we have a poor texture that can reduce our height. Our backbone has strong muscles if our abs are strong. Remember, our backbone strength is a major key in our growth. The How to do leg rises properly exercise effectively gains core strength, which plays a vital role in improving your lower back strength.

It is the easiest and simple exercise as you work out your abs muscles, and then your muscles have strong lower back postures. If you are interested in increasing height naturally through abdominal exercise, there is no reason you cannot because it targets your stomach muscles .when you spend much time doing exercises, you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But if you are not improving your lifestyle, then it’s a big waste of time of luck and enjoy the taller look.

How to do leg raises?

If you are interested in building lower-body strength and sculpting a six-pack, then How to do leg rises properly exercise is the best way to achieve this. There are many others exercise in building rock-solid core, like sit-ups and crunches. If you do sit-ups regularly, then you can end up with a four-pack instead of a six-pack. Start this exercise by laying on a mat or a floor and establishing your position by straight legs and together. It is tougher from here.lay straight with arms and slowly press the hands on a floor .keep legs straight and close to each other.

Lift the legs to the ceiling even if you cannot raise the legs perfectly .keep your legs pointing at the ceiling until you can hold them. Must sure your legs are straight, and your toes pointed. Lower the legs back to the floor till they are just above the floor. During lower down, the legs back to floor take small inhale then repeat this journey and raise the legs. Hold for a moment and raise your legs again.

You must complete 3 reps of 10 sets, but if you do many as you can. You can make your leg raises exercise tougher by holding some weight between your foot. This work becomes a challenging exercise when a weighted tool slips from your foot.


If you are a beginner, then 8 to 12 reps ok for you, but if you are already doing this workout, you can do 22 to 25 reps. Must do at least three sets of this exercise during the day.

Benefits of leg raise exercise

There are many benefits of this leg raises exercise. It is an effective exercise for the lower abdomen. You can be done this exercise indoors or outdoor as you want.No equipment is required for performing this workout.

  1.  Warm-up your body before a workout can help you avoid injuries. leg raises improves the strength of your lower body muscles and develops flexibility of your hip and lower back.
  2.  It helps to helps to reduce body weight, especially from the legs and lower abdomen.
  3. It is the best exercise which can perform on a bed or ground with no equipment needed.
  4. Many leg raise variations provide strength to your lower body parts in different ways.
  5. single-leg raise
  6. medicine ball leg raise
  7. weighted leg raise
  8. leg raise on a dip station

5. if you have joints and knee pain, this exercise plays a role in relieving pain. It’s putting no pressure on the knee joint.

6.  this exercise especially hits abdominal muscles. So  It helps melt belly fat.

7. it improves the mind’s attention, focus, and stability of the lower portion of the human body.


  • Consult a doctor before doing exercise f you have pre-existing health issues.
  • For beginners, always do single-leg first, then go to double leg  
  • Don’t hold your breath more than 30 second.
  • Don’t separate the legs from each other.
  • Don’t apply pressure on chest and knee joints.
  • Don’t raise your shoulders while doing exercise.
  • When  You are raising the legs straight, then dont lower your legs quickly.
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